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Thanks to a great international experience achieved by our CEO and Sommelier, VINO VERITAS is the ideal partner for all activities in the hotel, catering and restauration business.

Our sales department is always available for all customers worldwide: ready to follow your specific requests and heading for total quality and customers satisfaction.



We dedicate a very specific attention to international hotels services: thanks to our previous work experience we deeply understand timings and specific needs of our customers. For this reason our offer includes the research, selection and delivery of specific requests, specific wine lists and dedicated special price lists, with an absolutely competitive combination of quality and price.

We run also small quantities and minimums of order , allowing our customers to evaluate with calm our selections of wines. 


We work internationally with restaurants, Wine bars, Pubs, Wine shops with a qualified offer of selected wines and with an extremely interesting combination of quality, price and lo minimums. We guarantee highly selected products and reassortment, on-time deliveries and fulfilling special selections and requests too.

Our wines can be combined with a vast array of food, including seasonal and ethnic.

We also offer a special wine list consultancy service allowing our customers to perfectly manage their stocks and selections.



No matter what kind of event you are planning: meetings, private parties, weddings...we can bring you a specific selection of highly qualified wines coming from small emerging Italian producers with an incredible combination of quality and prices.

Upon request our Sommelier can personally attend the special event.